2,000 fans of smashing pumpkins gathered around an old Nissan Maxima earlier this week – but they weren’t fans of the band.

They were gathering at the Black Fox Farm and Distillery in Saskatoon to watch an actual 1,300-pound pumpkin drop onto a car from 115 feet in the air.

The delightfully ghoulish activity was coordinated by the Saskatoon chapter of the Honourable Order of the Blue Goose International to raise money for the Saskatoon Fire Fighters Pediatric Fund, which finances activities and resources that benefit sick children.

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The massive car-smashing pumpkin was one of three gourds that were dropped from the sky. The first was hollowed out and filled with ping pong balls that worked as raffle tickets for the participants. Whichever ping pong ball landed in a small hole on the ground won the recipient a grand prize.

The second pumpkin was hollowed out and filled with candy. Once it was smashed, an army of candy hungry youngsters descended on the treats with a vigor that could scare Genghis Khan.

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Lastly, the Great Pumpkin that looks like it could have been out of the Peanuts movie was towed into the sky and dropped on the doomed Maxima – which had been donated courtesy of Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

The entire event ended up raising over $9,000 for the charity – which is not bad for such a strange Sunday afternoon stunt.

(WATCH the video below)

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