Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you might be bewildered to find an eyelash on your cheek or a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth – but this feline was surprised by something much more amusing.

Mimo the cat from Brooklyn, New York was stunned to look in the mirror and discover that she had ears.

While meandering past her human’s mirror, the curious kitten froze on the spot, confused by the small triangular tufts of fur that were peeking out from her head.

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Wanting to get a better look, Mimo can be seen standing up on her hind legs so she can confirm that her ears are in fact ears and not an elaborate prank set up by her human as revenge for clawing up the furniture.

If you want to have a laugh over more of Mimo’s shenanigans, you can follow her antics on Instagram.

(WATCH the video below)

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