Rick Herrmann has only been playing the saxophone for seven months, but he has already accumulated a heifer of a fanbase.

Herrmann’s daughter recently published two videos of the jazzy dad from McMinnville, Oregon using his saxophone to serenade his herd of cows – and the footage has already been shared millions of times since it was uploaded last week.

In the video, Herrmann kicks off his impromptu concert with a cover of “Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder closely followed by a version of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”.

By the end of the 2-minute clip, Herrmann is surrounded by starstruck bovines.

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The saxophonist’s daughter then captured a second video of Herrmann playing the iconic melody of “Tequila” – which was punctuated perfectly by their neighbor chiming in from a nearby field.

The videos have already racked up over 12 million collective views, and Herrmann told KPTV that he was shocked by how quickly his “goofy” performance was shared across the internet – but he is happy that so many people have enjoyed his musical shenanigans.

“It just seemed to resonate with so many people. So many people said they had a hard day and they watched it and it put a smile on their face,” he told the news outlet.

(WATCH the second video below)

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