This dad’s display of skill is as staggeringly impressive as the tower he used to do it.

In a video that was published by Pat McAfee, the host of The Pat McAfee Show YouTube channel and podcast, his father Tim is engaged in an intense game of Giant Jenga on Easter Sunday.

Not only is Tim at the part of the game where all the easily accessible pieces are gone, but it is his first time ever playing Jenga.

Even though the odds are against him, Tim is fearless. With one hand casually tucked into the pocket of his jeans, he delivers some quick punches to one of the middle blocks that is holding up the entire tower.

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He then walks to the other side of the tower, grips the precarious block, and with a concentrated cry of a martial arts master, he pulls the block from the tower so that the top half of the stack falls neatly onto the blocks below.

And the crowd goes wild.

(WATCH the astounding video below)

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