John Cena’s motto does not just serve to inspire himself – it also serves to inspire his fans.

And as a thank you for the motivation, his fans decided to surprise him with how much he means to them.

Cricket Wireless published a video earlier this week of John Cena being given a series of letters that were written to him by his fans.

The fans wrote messages about how – despite their various sicknesses, illnesses, and struggles – the WWE icon always helped to keep their spirits up.

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As Cena continues to read the letters out loud, he gets more and more emotional. Little does he know that the fans are listening to him read their messages from another room.

Finally, after he reads a particularly touching message from a young fan whose mother was fighting breast cancer, the fans burst through a paper wall to embrace their hero.

No matter how tough Cena may be, it is clear to see that he was not prepared for such a heartwarming surprise.

“You guys do the work, I mean that,” he exclaims. “Don’t think that you’re the only one who doesn’t have challenges to face every day. You all lead by example and I mean it when I say it, never give up.”

(WATCH the video below)

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