What started out as a cat-a-strophic accident turned into a paw-sitively inspiring rescue.

Felix the office cat of the London’s Royal Dock Management Authority got into a tussle with another feline earlier this week, which sent him plummeting into the nearby water.

Scott, the organization’s engineering and operations manager, saw the exchange and leapt into action.

As the frightened cat tread water below the dock, Scott scooted close enough to the animal so he could grab it by the scruff of the neck and pull it to safety.

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After the rescue, both Scott and Felix walked away unfazed.

Though the video has since gone viral, RDMA posted an Instagram photo of Felix featuring the caption: “Here’s Felix the RoDMA office cat taking a nap after becoming a viral sensation this weekend! We’re happy to report the fame hasn’t gone to her head and she’s back to her regular scheduled program of cat naps, food breaks, and the occasional stretch.”

(WATCH the video below)

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