The fire department didn’t even have time to arrive before Jesse Gavic had extinguished the blaze ravaging a pontoon boat on Saturday.

When Jesse and his brother Caleb saw the smoke climbing over the Minnesota lake, they got their flyboard ready and took to the skies over the boat.

After politely seeking permission to put out the fire from the sailors who had jumped overboard, Jesse used the flyboard’s water to spray the boat until it stopped smoking two minutes later.

“It’s different than anything anyone has probably ever tried,” Jesse Gavic told WCCO. “You really do feel like Iron Man.”

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A flyboard is a jet-propelled pair of boots that is connected by hose to a jet ski or watercraft. The water shooting out of the boots is enough to carry someone up to 50 feet into the air.

The brothers are international flyboarding competitors and help run the Sky High Flyboards company in Minneapolis.

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