These New Yorkers thought they were just writing letters of affection to their companion – until their love notes were turned into something much grander.

In this video created by the comedy collective Improv Everywhere in partnership with Hallmark, a team of camera crews set up a stage in Manhattan’s Big Screen Plaza with a desk that read “Light Up Someone’s Holiday”.

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On the desk was a series of cards and pens that passersby would use to write a heartfelt message to their companion.

After one in the group wrote down their adoring sentiments, however, their companions were shocked to see them recreated on a massive screen above their heads.

The troupe planned ahead by finding locals who wanted to surprise a loved one.

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“Since the plaza doesn’t get a ton of foot traffic at night and we were shooting on a cold evening, we did a little bit of advance casting,” says the organization’s website. “We put out a notice looking for people who wanted to surprise someone. The people we cast were just told they’d be writing a card that would eventually be seen publicly. This prevented people from writing anything they wanted kept private.”

“Other than that, the people we cast didn’t know anything else about what was going to happen. The people they were surprising were completely in the dark.”

Several couples throughout the night just stumbled upon the table and were also blown away by the sentimental ‘sky’ writing stunt.

(WATCH the heartwarming video below)

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