An amazing rescue operation took place in India this week to save a leopard trapped and drowning in a 15-ft deep well.

The big cat was saved by a team of twenty wildlife rescuers who first had to figure out how to provide some relief to the cat while they figured out how to proceed.

The dramatic rescue caught on video took place in the village of Fakte near Maharashtra, in India, on Monday July 15.

It came after villagers heard ‘grunts’ and discovered the trapped feline. They called forest officials and the charity, Wildlife SOS.

Rescuers initially lowered a plank of wood into the water to keep the animal afloat for several hours while they sourced more equipment.

The plan consisted of lowering a wooden crate with a quick-shut door into the confines of the deep well.

A camera was rigged up inside the metal crate and it ultimately captured the soaking wet leopard clambering to safety.

Photo credit: GNAAS / Wildlife SOS India, via SWNS license

A source said: “As soon as the big cat went inside, the cage door was closed and pulled up with the attached ropes.”

The leopard is under the medical supervision of the Wildlife SOS vets and will be released as soon as it is deemed fit.

WATCH the harrowing operation in the GNN/SWNS video below) – Featured Photo by GNAAS / SWNS 

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