There is more to technology than just millenials checking their Facebooks.

Tech company Intel and Brazilian news company Razões para Acreditar embarked on a campaign to enrich the lives of the elderly through virtual reality goggles.

Their “Technology Through Life” initiative took them to a nursing home in São Paulo where they gave residents the chance to fulfill their lifelong dreams.

“When we visited an elder care community … we asked the residents if they knew what virtual reality was, and one of them answered: “I don’t know, is it about these ‘nowadays things’?” Vicente Carvalho, Editor-in-Chief of Razões para Acreditar told Good News Network.

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One of the seniors who they visited said that she had always wanted to go to Spain – another woman said that she had always wanted to see a live ballet performance.

They were astounded to find that once they were wearing the headsets, they were transported to the one place left on their bucket list – and their reactions were magical.

“There was no need to explain anything else, we put her on the VR goggles and instantly, after seeing the first images of the dancers, she said: ‘My God, my dream’. And so it was during the whole presentation that she watched: a lot of emotion.”

“Virtual reality experiences requires high-performance computing, and Intel is in a leading position to offer these solutions,” said Carlos Buarque, Intel’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Particularly in this initiative, the feeling is even better because we can see our participation in a technology that may also be a supplement in some cases of health treatment.”

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