Kimmel and Tourists-Youtube

This Starline bus tour may go down in history as the best bus ride ever given in history.

Last night during the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel let the crowd in on a little secret – they were all about to play a rousing prank on a bus full of tourists who would be unsuspectingly entering the Dolby Theater at any second.

When the tourists entered the theater, their faces looked flabbergasted. All while trying to take as many cell phone pictures of the celebrities as possible, the group was led to the front of the theater.

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Kimmel set about introducing some of the newcomers to such celebrities as Ryan Gosling and Nicole Kidman. One couple from Chicago – who said that they were soon engaged to be married – happened to mention that Denzel Washington was their favorite actor.

In honor of the special occasion, Denzel decided to simply marry the couple on the spot.

“He’s Denzel, so it’s legal,” Kimmel said.

(WATCH the video below)


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