Dogs may be man’s best friends, but according to this new video, the same probably can’t be said for statues.

An adorable video of a persistent border collie trying to play fetch with a metal figure on Crosby Beach in Liverpool is making its rounds on the internet.

The amusing pup named Hurley can be seen repeatedly dropping a toy in front of the statue and impatiently waiting for the cast-iron man to reciprocate the gesture.

Hurley’s owner, Adam Shore, can be heard laughing from behind the camera as his dog paws at the ground in confusion.

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“He’s addicted to fetch and will play it with anyone. He’ll carry the ball up to everybody he sees to get them to throw the ball, usually when I’ve grown tired after an hour of playing,” Shore told the Daily Mail. “It’s most often people on benches that he goes to, and this is the first time he’s tried to play with a statue.

“It was quite funny when he went up to it, and at one point he looked at me to ask ‘what’s going on?’ He’s not used to being ignored,” he added. “He tried for about a minute to get the statue to play before giving up and moving on.”

(WATCH the amusing video below)

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