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A judge’s brutally honest speech caused teens in her courtroom to finally consider the consequences of their actions.

Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin was lecturing the young people on what results their actions would likely lead to in the future–and that’s when she broke out the body bag.

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“You can have the ultimate experience… you can be in this body bag,” the Georgia judge told the teens. “And the only way somebody will know you’re in here is this tag with your name on it. What do you wanna do?”

She told the kids she loved them even though she didn’t personally know them. Judge Colvin, who is African-American, said the imprisonment rate for the local black community upset her.

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“I am sick and tired of seeing people who look like you and I come in my courtroom and I have to sentence them to prison,” she said, before cheering them on to do better and make something of their lives.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Department brought the kids to Colvin’s courtroom as part of it’s “Consider the Consequences” program to deter youthful offenders from following a life of crime.

(WATCH the video below – Warning: Graphic Language at 4:00-4:35)

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