Me want cookies… and good directions!

As a means of celebrating the Cookie Monster’s birthday on November 2nd, the Waze navigational app has just released a new Cookie Monster voice option.

The company used a short cartoon video of the Sesame Street character riding in a car to announce their new voice feature on Twitter earlier this week.

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“November 2nd was [Cookie Monster’s] birthday, so we’ve brought his voice and mood back to Waze. Use them while you can,” tweeted the company. “Sure, cookies may be great to celebrate with, but this is even better!”

All Waze users have to do to get directions from the pastry-loving television hero is go to the “Voice and Sound” section of the app and select the Cookie Monster option from the “Voice Directions” menu.


Much to the disappointment of Sesame Street fans, the feature will only be available for a limited time—but Twitter users are still vying for Cookie Monster’s voice to remain a permanent fixture on the app.

“Oh keep him!!! He’s the best. You can’t have road rage when Cookie is your guide!” said one Twitter user.

Another Cookie Monster fan said: “Please keep him forever!! My son asks for [Cookie Monster] every time we get in the car!!”

Regardless of whether you use Waze, we do encourage Twitter users to pay a visit to the Cookie Monster’s official page—it’s the perfect internet treat to brighten up your day.

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