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When a little boy lost his favorite plush elephant, a family friend had the idea to ask people on the Internet to help create a magical explanation.

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Explaining that the boy’s parents told him the plush elephant wasn’t really lost, but actually traveling around the world, strangers responded to the plea on Reddit with Photoshopped “vacation” pictures showing the toy elephant having a great time.

The elephant hung out with penguins in Antarctica…

Penguins Elephant Toy CC Imgur

…and explored Mayan ruins.

Aztec Elephant Toy CC Imgur

He hiked along China’s Great Wall…

Great Wall Elephant Toy CC Imgur

…and even hopped a ride with a kangaroo.

Kangaroo Elephant Toy CC Imgur

The toy went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.

underwater Elephant toy CC Imgur

and also toured the White House…

White House Elephant Toy CC Imgur

And, our favorite, the tiny elephant is pictured visited his cousins in Africa.

Africa Elephant Toy CC Imgur
With adventures like that, it’s a lot easier for the little boy to understand why his elephant is gone on a very extended leave.

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Photos: Imgur

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