America’s success has largely depended on its ability to farm and provide food for its people. Now this agricultural heritage is solidly rooted in the South Lawn of the White House.

In 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama first embraced a vision for change—and took steps toward reversing the increase of childhood obesity and high rates of lifestyle-related diseases.

As part of her plan to inspire kids to eat more veggies and fruit, she helped dig—and plant— a White House Kitchen Garden which has been a lush treasure of food and education for the nation’s capital since its debut 8 years ago.

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The planting of this garden coincided with the creation of her “Let’s Move!” program in 2010, dedicated to helping kids and families find healthier lifestyles. The produce grown here doesn’t just benefit the presidential family, either. Surplus produce from the garden is donated to Miriam’s Kitchen, an organization that feeds Washington D.C.’s homeless population.

In early October, children from more than a dozen schools across the nation joined the First Lady for her final harvest. The occupants of the White House will be different come January 2017, but thanks to recent donation from a horticulturally-based company, not only will the beds of the garden remain; they will be expanded and maintained.

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“The South Lawn vegetables, fruits, and herbs inspire people across the country to eat locally, mindfully, and healthfully,” said George Ball, chairman and CEO of the donor company, W. Atlee Burpee. “Burpee is proud to continue our long history of inspiring gardeners by supporting the White House Kitchen Garden in one of America’s treasured national parks.”

Following the lead of the First Lady, more and more community gardens have been popping up every year. The communities that gather and plant healthy gardens find the gardens yield more than crops—they create healthy communities.

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In this season of political change, it’s nice to know that one constant will remain: a presidential garden will continue to symbolize the importance of community, and the benefits of nutritious food, and honest efforts applied.

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