Research has shown that viewing images of peace, kindness, and compassion has a dramatic impact on a person’s happiness and wellbeing. That’s why photographers from all over the world were asked to share their kindest photos—and the winners have finally been announced.


Envision Kindness, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading media positivity, recently concluded their third annual The World is Kind photography contest for images that embody kindness.


For this year’s contest, there were more than 1,800 submissions from 750 photographers in over 85 countries. The Envision Kindness team selected 20 of their favorite photographs while another 20 pictures were chosen by members of the public—and all of them are breathtaking.


“Every day, people are exposed to negative images, stories, and experiences,” says David Fryburg, founder of Envision Kindness. “We know that this exposure is stressful to the viewer—it causes anger, anxiety, depression, and can affect behavior, disconnecting people from one another.”


“To help counterbalance the negative, we want to share diverse, positive images like those submitted to the contest on a regular basis. We know that these images have great power to bring out joy, gratitude, optimism, love, and compassion,” he added.


If you would like to check out the rest of this year’s winners, you can visit the Envision Kindness website—or you can check out more of last year’s winners here on GNN.


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