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Almost two years ago, Samantha Snipes was a frightened 24-year-old worrying about the future of her unborn baby – but as fate would have it, a missed flight would provide the incredibly perfect ending.

Back in September 2016, the young woman, escaping an unhealthy relationship, missed the plane from Atlanta to Raleigh—8 months pregnant at the time.

She got the last standby seat on a Delta flight that placed her next to a woman named Temple Phipps.

Phipps, who was in her early 40s, had been married before, but never had children. She always dreamed of being a mother, but the opportunity had eluded her.

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As she sat next to the young mother-to-be, the two women struck up a conversation. Snipes mentioned that she was debating whether to put her unborn baby up for adoption or allow a family member to raise it. Not having a plan, she was noticeably anxious.

Before departing, Phipps gave Snipes her phone number and said that if she ever needed anything while in Raleigh, she could give her a call.

Three days later, Samantha gave birth. Nervous and scared because she still didn’t know what to do, the new mom called Phipps and asked if she would visit them in the hospital.

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In the maternity ward, once she saw the baby boy, Phipps immediately knew she would become his mother.

Lying in the hospital bed, the young mom’s instincts also took over. She asked if their new friend wanted to adopt the baby boy.

Phipps told WRAL she literally started shaking—but everything afterward just fell into place.

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She officially adopted Vaughn Preston Phipps last August. Not only that, Samantha moved to North Carolina to be part of the boy’s extended family and always be a guest at birthday parties.

She started a photography business in the city, and she and Phipps are considering writing a book about the serendipitous meeting that changed their lives forever.

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