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If bouts of nausea leave your head spinning and stomach churning, a new cure may fit right on your wrist.

Acupressure bands are an old method for fighting seasickness used by Chinese fishermen. They wrap around the wrist and have an adjustable post that presses down on the acupressure point called the “Nei Kuan,” located about three finger widths up from the wrist, on the forearm between the two prominent tendons there.

After discovering the device relieved her morning sickness, Romy Taormina created a modern version of the acupressure band. She liked the application, but wasn’t wild about the way the wrap looked, so she started her own company to produce a more hip version.

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Her product, called Psi Bands (pronounced sigh bands), is FDA-cleared and designed to treat nausea, whether from motion sickness, chemotherapy, pregnancy, or anesthesia.

When Kris Wittenberg first heard about them, she drove 45 minutes from her home in Eagle, Colorado, to the nearest store selling PsiBands to buy some for her 10 year old daughter, Addison, who frequently got car sick.

“She loves them,” Wittenberg told Good News Network, “Plus, she thinks they’re cute.”

Wittenberg compares them to the trendy Swatch watches of the 1980’s, but thinks they have a 21st century focus on how to treat disorders and discomfort.”

“It wasn’t a drug, it wasn’t a medication,” Wittenberg said. “She doesn’t get sick on drives now, and she can even read in the car.”

Wittenberg says the bands are all she’s ever needed to control Addison’s motion sickness over the past four years. She also gave some to a friend going through chemotherapy.

Taormina cites four published studies on her website attesting to the effectiveness of the bands in treating nausea from chemotherapy, morning sickness, motion sickness, and anesthesia.

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The company also makes financial contributions to the National Breast Foundation and other cancer charities.

While a cure may make people feel better in the future, Taormina’s company has delivered Psi Bands to the local cancer center in Pacific Grove, California, to help patients in her hometown feel better while going through chemo today.

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