It has been twenty years since this clock was hanging in its rightful place at Michigan Central Station – but in light of Detroit’s efforts to restore the city to its former glory, the antique recently resurfaced in a heartwarming way.

A well-intentioned thief who has been keeping the clock safe over the years contacted the Henry Ford museum this weekend saying that the timepiece “wanted to go home.”

The anonymous caller told museum staff that they had carefully wrapped up  the clock and left it at an abandoned building for pickup. Museum workers immediately called Ford Motor Land Development Corp – the company that bought the dilapidated station for renovation – and put them in contact with the thief.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the thief texted Dave Dubensky, chairman and CEO of Ford Land, saying: “I only have the clock. No other material. I left it leaning against a burned-out building on Lawton … Please send two men and a truck immediately. It has been missing for over 20 years and is ready to go home.”

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When Dubensky thanked them for the tipoff, they simply replied: “Please have them lay it face up in the truck. The paint is very delicate. You can tell the front from the back by looking at the exposed legs.”

True to the thief’s words, two Ford workers went to the described location and found the clock lovingly wrapped up and protected with packing blankets. Once the clock was successfully transported, the thief sent Dubensky another text saying “Thank you so much. I loved that clock and I loved that station.”

Dubensky says that the thief had most likely taken it upon themselves to protect the antique after the train depot closed down in 1988. Since many of the fixtures of the building were stolen following the station’s closure, Ford is grateful for the clock’s return.

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Even though the anonymous donor was most likely afraid of being arrested for the incident, Dubensky hopes that their gesture will inspire others to come forward with relics of the city without judgement or fear of legal action.

Fittingly, Ford is unveiling their plans for the station’s renovation at a party today that will take place at the depot itself. 5,000 people are expected to attend.

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