sitting on dock of bay screenshot Playing For Change

There’s literally a world of soul out there on the streets. And here is the proof.

Orchestrated by professionals in a group called Playing for Change, 19 street musicians around the world play together from remote locations using headphones, to produce a work of inspiration.

From five American cities and four other countries – Italy, Brazil, Cuba and Japan – comes this most diverse and soulful version of “Dock of the Bay”.

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Roger Ridley and Grandpa Elliott handle the vocals, singing in Santa Monica, California, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Playing for Change created the video as part of it’s ongoing mission to “inspire and connect the world through music.” It’s foundation raises money to build music and art schools for children around the world.

Of all their videos, produced using the same method, our favorite is Stand By Me, which was recorded in diverse places like Israel, South Africa and Venezuela, and tallied 80 million views on YouTube alone.

(WATCH it below and share it in your corner of the world…)

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