When they met 37-year-old Alex, he was homeless, living rough on the streets and out of luck. No shelters would take him because he had a dog, but he was not going to give away his ‘George’.

To honor Homeless Persons Week in Australia (August 4 –10), The Jewish House partnered with Professionals 4 People to help Alex get back onto his feet and ultimately change his life forever.

Unlike other “Homeless Makeovers”, the initiative #Time4Good provided Alex with everything he needed, including a steady job as a licensed forklift driver.

A video was produced to educate Australians about homelessness and show what volunteers can do when they come together — job counsellors, grocery store management, clothiers, hair stylists, masseurs, health providers and even veterinarians who can care for beloved companions.

Founded and run by young professionals in their 20s, Professionals 4 People (P4P) wanted to show how donating even a small amount of time to someone who is living rough on the street can have a really positive impact on people who are less fortunate than us.

“We are calling for people to spend some #Time4Good and help others,” said Leslie Cohen, President and Co-founder of the non-profit P4P, which recruits people to donate their skills to help others.

Learn more or donate to the Jewish House on their website.

WATCH their homeless transformation in the video below…

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