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A woman who escaped a wildfire with her life was devastated to lose her most prized possessions in the flight but has a reason to be grateful this holiday, thanks to a local youth.

Deb was fleeing in her four-door sedan from the Pinery bushfire in South Australia in late November. She was carrying everything of value—baby pictures, photo albums, and laptop— when the air became so filled with dust and smoke that she became disoriented and bumped into another car.

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After that, her vehicle stalled and wouldn’t start again. Deb had to abandon the car, and it was destroyed by the fire, along with all her prized possessions inside.

An apprentice training to be an auto mechanic, Fraser Hocking, decided to donate his old Pajero SUV to the couple after seeing an appeal on Facebook from community advocate, Mark Aldridge.

The 4-wheel-drive Pajero belonged to his mother who passed away last year, so Fraser figured it would be a “good legacy” to give it to someone who needs it.

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When they were given the new vehicle last week, after a few tears, Deb and her partner Steve went to the local pub “for a few beers”.

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