This photo of a 23-year-old helping a frightened senior down an escalator is restoring people’s faith in humanity.

The image was posted by Paula Piccard at the Holyoke Shopping Mall of Ingleside, Massachusetts, and has since been shared across social media.

Paula was waiting at the top of an escalator when she noticed an apprehensive elderly man standing at the top of the electric staircase.

While others were getting impatient over his hesitance, young Alonzo Johnson asked how he could help the senior.

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“The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering, waiting to get on,” wrote Paula. “It was clear he was feeling unsure and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a ‘can I help you on, sir?’”

The older man explained how he once got caught on an escalator, leaving him with an everlasting phobia of the moving stairs. Without hesitating, however, Alonzo said that he would ride with him all the way to the bottom.

Paula then snapped a photo of the heartwarming duo riding the escalator arm-in-arm, and posted it on social media.

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“In about an hour, the evening news will air and we’ll be reminded of division, race wars, political mud-slinging, shootings and other heartaches,” wrote Paula. “But today, violence, race, age, politics and other social lines were blurred and one person simply helped another. I wanted to hug both of them. Whoever this young man is, YOUR FAMILY RAISED YOU RIGHT! THANK YOU!”

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. Stories like this are what inspired me to change my homepage to GNN so I can be reminded of the good things everyday! Thank you for being one of the few spaces in this crowded digital world to have the courage to focus on positive stories of humanity.

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