Watch this 11-year-old who just became a world champion whirl and spin in a routine of exacting Taekwondo movements. Now, imagine he has autism.

Ethan Fineshriber was diagnosed with that condition when he was three years old. Eight years later, the boy from Sandy, Utah not only won the title at the ATA World Championship, he received a perfect score from the judges.

At age five, his mother enrolled him in Taekwondo because she was worried about his lack of social skills, friends, and exercise. Ethan fell in love with the sport immediately, and started developing discipline, self-confidence, and determination.

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Three years ago, after winning national titles, Ethan decided he wanted to compete in a world championship, and never lost his focus on the goal.

“I felt nervous that I wasn’t going to win,” Ethan told KSTU News, “But the judges called the number and everybody around me went insane.”

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His mother remembers when he was named champion, his team lifted Ethan onto their shoulders and everything came to a halt as people rushed onto the ring to celebrate. The boy proved what can be accomplished even with autism—or perhaps, because of it.

(WATCH the video below from KSTU News) — Photo: KSTU

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