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When a World War II veteran with no relatives died recently, only four individuals were expected to show up for her funeral but, instead, the cemetery was packed with people— almost all of them strangers.

Serina Vine spoke three languages and served in radio intelligence, listening in on Axis communications for the U.S. Navy during the war. Later in life, she became homeless, but eventually spent her last 20 years in a Veterans Affairs hospital with no known living relatives.

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When retired Army Major Jaspen Boothe, who’d once been homeless herself, read Vine’s obituary, she had a new mission — rallying other veterans through social media to attend the memorial service.

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When Boothe arrived at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia Tuesday, she found a virtual army of people there to honor Vine as she was laid to rest with full military honors.

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“Now she has 200 known family and friends in the area,” Boothe told ABC News.

(WATCH the video below from Inside Edition or READ more from ABC News)

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