Vets Volunteer with Team Rubicon Photo by Thomas Hudson300 veterans, some trained in crisis management, have been donating their time and leading the cleanup effort in the hard hit Rockaway neighborhood in Queens, NY, making life easier for storm weary residents.

Their organization, Team Rubicon, helps others but also helps ex-soldiers from around the country who need a new mission in life, something to become passionate about. They’ve joined together to tackle the seemingly endless task of removing debris and rehabilitating the homes for an entire neighborhood.

They have prioritized the households who need help. Often, teams go in and completely demolish parts of the home, depositing the rubble on the street for disposal, even working on Veterans Day, the holiday meant to honor their service.

Volunteers have completed work at 150 home in the beach community, so far.

You can donate to support their mission on their website.

(WATCH both videos below)

Team Rubicon Photo by Thomas Hudson

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