Officer Buys Boots for Homeless Man-

Cop and homeless shoeless man-JenniferFoster

This photo taken by a tourist in Times Square, shows 25 year-old NYPD officer Lawrence DePrimo stooping on his knee against the cold sidewalk to talk to a homeless man with bare feet. The cop noticed blisters on the older man’s feet and asked him what size shoe he wears. The storefront in the picture happens to be a Skechers, where DePrimo went looking for a pair of all-weather boots to buy for the man. He spent $75 after the manager cut the price with an employee discount, according to the New York Times, which reported that the homeless man’s face lit up at the sight of the boots. Jennifer Foster, who works in an Arizona Sheriff’s office took the photo in secret, after the sight reminded her of her father, also a cop, who once bought food for a homeless person. She emailed it to the NYPD and said they could post it on their Facebook page. The image, and the story behind it, has spread across the internet in 48 hours like a contagious kindness virus.


Kind Stranger Takes the Loss When he Learns New $2,000 Guitar is Stolen

Martin Guitar returned-RedGrammer

A year ago, the professional children’s performer, Red Grammer, was crushed to find out his beloved Martin M-36 guitar had been stolen from a baggage terminal after his flight to LAX was delayed. Last month he was still pining after the instrument, which had an “incredibly rich, sweet, and well-balanced tone,” when Kyle Crabb (left) unknowingly purchased it. After taking it home, Crabb noticed a metal label with the name “Red Grammer” on the inside of the custom road case. Following his intuition Crabb sent an email to Grammer asking if his guitar had been stolen. “Imagine my excitement!” Grammar later wrote on his Facebook page. “He generously offered to return my guitar saying that he loved it, but knew it had to be returned to its rightful owner.” Crabb’s only regret was that he needed a guitar to play. Red offered his back-up guitar, and a little money to help offset the loss, to which Crabb instantly agreed. “We met in Seal Beach, California where we exchanged instruments and I got to thank him personally for reuniting me with my beloved guitar.” – Red Grammer’s Facebook page


Thoughtful Person Covers Car Windows In the Rain

Bags keep rain out of car-Kindness-Reddit
An inspiring photo was posted on the social media website, Reddit, by a friend who snapped the picture in a parking lot. Somebody taped three shopping bags together to cover the open window as a gesture of concern when it started raining. “Didn’t want your car to get wet,” said a note on the bag. “Have a nice day!” – Source: Reddit


Kids Given $50 Gift Card While in Line at a Department Store

Gift Card surprise - Leeann Hobelman
LeeAnn Hobelman posted this photo of her kids moments after they were given a shocking holdiay surprise. A man checking out in front of them at Target asked their names and wrote  something on a card. “He just now bought a $50 gift card and handed it to my kids! How freaking Awesome!” His name was Joshua and they promised him they would be paying his kindness forward in the coming weeks. “I hope this will inspire some of you to pay it forward too,” she wrote on Facebook.


Whispering the Joys of Pooh to Sick Children

Jim Cummings is well-known as a voice actor and his credits read like an encyclopedia of family films: “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” Jim Cummings voice actor“Tarzan,” “Pocahontas,” “The Lion King,” “Babe: Pig in the City.” He is best known, perhaps, as the voice of “Winnie the Pooh” (and tigger, too). But, no matter how busy his career keeps him, it all stops when the Make a Wish Foundation calls on behalf of a sick child who wants to hear from their favorite animated character. He will drop everything to talk to a child and speak to them in his famous voices. Just imagine the wonder of a child hearing Pooh bear on the phone.


Photo Experts Renew Family Bonds by Retouching Surviving Images

Photo retouching project StormSandy
An professor at Southern Maine Community College is using the skills she’s honed over a lifetime to give back to families who feel like they’ve lost a lifetime of memories. Kate Q. Sibole has teamed up with her old employer, Andy Graham, CIO of Designtex in Portland to offer their services for the restoration of photos damaged in Hurricane Sandy.  “I was so moved by a lady on Staten Island who was interviewed by Ann Curry. She lost everything…but then found wedding pictures under mud and debris.” Send Kate the photos. As a photography and digital imagery expert, Kate will scan and retouch the damaged treasures and then Designtex will print and mail them back — both the original and retouched prints.

(Email Kate for more information at: katesibole AT gmail DOTcom) Send images along with RETURN Adresses to: Kate Sibole c/o Andy Graham, Portland Color/Design Tex, 14 Industrial Way, Portland, ME, 04103. Label the packages: RE: Special Project Sandy Retouching” – Photo (above) found miles away but reunited with family on Facebook at Jersey Shore Hurricane News

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