Brock Hardwick may be struggling with a rare form of cancer, but over 1,000 people are helping to keep his spirits up.

Back in February, the 7-year-old from Portland, Maine was diagnosed with glioblastoma – a high-grade cancer of the spine and brain. The youngster currently spends his days fighting the disease at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

So as a means of cheering up her son, Brock’s mother, Brittney Horton, came up with a special celebration: Brocktoberfest.

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Because Brock loves Halloween, his family is celebrating the spooky holiday every day of the month. Additionally, they started asking people on social media to send Brock Halloween cards.

While the Hardwick family was only expecting to receive maybe a couple dozen cards, their postal box has become flooded with cards, packages, sweets, toys, and well wishes from people all over the world.

Since Horton first put the word out on social media, Brock has received over 1,000 pieces of mail.

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“It’s definitely very exciting and he’s happy,” Horton told ABC News. “It’s made him smile a whole lot more.”

Brock plans on being either Captain America or the Hulk for Halloween. If you want to keep up with his goings-on, you can follow his Team Brock Facebook page.

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