Homeless man community makeover Provincial Municipality of Ferreñafe Facebook

A local Peruvian man nicknamed “Crazy Chuman” has gotten some crazy love from his neighbors.

Even though Don Luciano Chuman has a family and a home, he often wanders the streets, unbathed and unkempt, for days at a time.

Earlier this month, members of the Peregrin Evangelical Church decided to help him get showered, shaved, and groomed, and to buy him some new clothes.

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Thanks to the attention this act has gotten, he was also treated for various medical conditions at his local hospital, given an I.D. card, and will be provided with free food from social services on an ongoing basis.

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“It’s an act of humanity that sets an example to us all. Many others aside from Don Chuman need our help, though unfortunately we are often quite indifferent to them,” the city of Ferrañafe’s Mayor Jacinto Muro Tavara reportedly said.

“I applaud the local community’s initiative in carrying out this act of solidarity.”

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