Whenever I look for an article that lists things such as tools and resources, I usually skip the pre-amble and get right to the list. I’m going to assume you’re the same way – so let’s get to it.

1. The Secret to Money: An app to shift your mindset regarding money

There are 5 elements to the app:

  • Desires – where you list your top 5 desires
  • Purchases – Every day you get a cheque from the universe to spend on whatever you want
  • Manifested Money – Here you track manifested money. It doesn’t have to be money. It includes coupons, gifts, health benefits or anything else where you make or save money
  • Daily Inspirations – taken directly from The Secret books, these are intended to shift your mindset about money
  • Affirmations – new affirmations around money and abundance are loaded daily (and a lot are recycled)

Cost: $6.99 one-time for Apple and $6.49 one-time for Android
Pros: it’s fun spending money on whatever you want, which is the point. Actively searching for manifested money in your life is a neat way to shift your money from lack to abundance. It’s easy to use, and the inspirations and affirmations are inspiring
Cons: After a while, you stop getting money every day, and instead you get it once a week, unless you reset it to the beginning. There are also some technical glitches here and there.

2. Law of Attraction Toolbox: LOA techniques to help you manifest

The features include:

  • Feel as if game – Your given a positive scenario (you just landed your dream job etc.) and then asked to feel the feeling of having that manifestation
  • Appreciation Game – The app identifies things (such as water) to be appreciative about)
  • Receive and Spend Game – similar to The Secret Game, but not as comprehensive
  • Thank You Journal Game – You write a journal entry highlighting your feelings after manifesting something
  • List of Positive Aspects – You identify positive aspects of something in your life (education etc.)
  • The Magic-Daily Gratitude – identify what you’re thankful for daily
  • Focus Wheel – If you don’t know what that is, watch this video to find out

Cost: Free to use each technique once a day, or $6.99 for unlimited use for Apple only
Pros: It is comprehensive, really well thought out, and easy to use
Cons: Not yet available on Android

3. Insight Timer – Meditation App

An insane spiritual app with over 4800 guided meditations filtered by length, topic and your experience with meditation. There is plenty of spiritual “music”, including chantings and mantras, nature sounds, binaural beats, drumming, and more that is also filtered by length of time and genre. There is also a 365 playlist where a new meditation is featured everyday; over 500 talks on all sorts of spiritual subjects; a list of over 1,500 spiritual teachers; and a timer for meditations.It comes with a free psychic reading with psychicguild that you can use anytime. The things you will learn from your subconscious are priceless.

Cost: Free to use for both Apple and Android, but there are chargeable service options that will soon be available
Pros: There are a ton of meditations for any subject, it is easy to use, and it has the ability to connect with others.
Cons: With the amount of content on this app, it can get overwhelming.

4. Day One Journal – Journaling App

Okay, so this is not directly spiritual but if you’re looking for a way to journal, then this is your app. Features include reminders, a calendar, and the ability to add photos, sync across all devices (premium version only), and add details such as location, time and date, temperature and weather, step count and music playing. Additionally, your past journals are stored.

Cost: Free to download for both Apple and Android. Premium version costs $48 per year.
Pros: It is a journaling experience you can’t even replicate in real life and it is easy to use
Cons: Premium version is expensive

5. Quotes – Daily Quote of the Day by Ultabit LLC

A simple app that shows one inspiring quote a day. You also have the ability to share quotes and create a favorite list of quotes. Plus, you can click on the person who said the quote and the app will take you to a Wikipedia about that person

Cost: Free for both Apple and Android, but there are ads. You can pay $1.99 per year to remove the ads
Pros: It is simple, easy to use, and the ads aren’t in your face like other quote apps
Cons: There are other apps by the same name. Not really a con of the app, but be wary. You want to get the app by Ultabit

6. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Based on the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo, this simple app helps you focus and maximize your productivity. Basically you pick a task and decide to split it into 4 work sessions with mini-brakes in between. Then, after the 4 work sessions, you have 1 long break.

The app allows you to choose the length of the work session and the length of the short breaks and long breaks, and it includes other handy features, such as statistics that track your productivity and the ability to export stats to CSV, to group stats into categories (unlimited for pro version), and backup data (pro version only).

Cost: Free to download for both Apple and Android. Donate from $1.99 up for pro version
Pros: It is easy to use and it is a great way to stay focused
Cons: None

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7. SimpleMind: A Brain Storming Tool

The law of attraction can help you think things through. The more you think about a particular subject, the more like thoughts are attracted to you. That’s why this brainstorming and mind mapping app is so helpful. It allows you to map and brainstorm your ideas and do it long enough and LOA will kick in, making it easier for you to come up with awesome ideas. Features include the ability to create and color code unlimited mind maps, the ability to use auto layouts, add media and documents, sync with other devices, and share your content.

Cost: free for the basic version for both iOS and Android. Pro version $6.99 if you upgrade within the free app.
Pros: The app has ton of cool features and it is very flexible and multi-functional
Cons: Can take a little while to figure out

8. The Kindness App

A cute app with about 100 kindness challenges that you can do every day. What’s great about this app is that the developer is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He makes no money off of this whatsoever. The features include a list of kindnesses you can perform every day, audio exercises to help you build compassion, and the ability to document and revisit your progress; to start a compassion challenge; and suggest your own kindnesses for others.

Cost: Free to use for both Apple and Android.
Pros: It is intuitive, made with love, and very easy to use.
Cons: None

9. Good News Network: Positive News Every Day

And finally, if you didn’t already know, the website that you are on right now has produced an app to share all the good news from around the world every day. This simple app, free for both Android or iOS, keeps in perspective that there is so much good in this world and will surely helps with your mood and mindset.

Features include:
Split into categories including news, culture, uplift, this day in history, photo of the day and animals
Ability to comment
Ability to save as favorite
Ability to share
Free to use for both Apple and Android.
Lots of good news stories
Easy to use
Beautiful layout

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