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Muslim Cab Driver Broke Strict Police Curfew to Drive Hindu Woman in Childbirth to the Hospital

An Indian cab driver is being praised for his compassionate example of “Hindu-Muslim unity” during a strict police curfew earlier this week.

Muslims in Town Adopt a Sacred Hindu Tenet So They Won’t Hurt the Feelings of Their Religious Neighbors

The Muslim residents of this district are not forced to abstain from their practice, rather they choose to do it out of respect for their Hindu neighbors.

California Senate Opens With Hindu Prayer for First Time

The California State Senate heard its first Hindu opening prayer in its 157-year history, following in the footsteps of Nevada, when famous Hindu chaplain,...

Good News in History, April 8

Today is the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth—born Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, the fourth largest religion in the world. Visitors to shrines on...

Good News in History, February 18

40 years ago, on this day, snow fell in the Sahara Desert for the only time in recorded history. The snowstorm lasted a half hour....

When Beloved Local Crocodile Passes Away After 130 Years, 500 People Attend His Elegant Funeral

When a beloved 130-year-old crocodile passed away of natural causes earlier this week, over 500 people attended his funeral.

Muslims Raise $250,000 for Pittsburgh Synagogue: ‘Whatever you need … let us know, we’ll be there’

Following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last week, these Muslim groups are rushing to help their Jewish neighbors.

Man Wears Monster Costume for Three Days Straight in Order to Save Sick Children

This kind-hearted monster is determined to help children in need – even if it means wearing a costume that prevents him from eating and sleeping for 3 days.

Are You a Master of Distractions, Rather Than Devoting Time to Your Passions? Here’s How to Change

We dedicate thousands of hours of our lives to being good at distraction – but why should we do that when we could be masters at anything else?

Hero 58-Year-old Woman Saves 20 Factory Workers From a Fire

If Jyoti Verma had not been on hand to help early on Monday morning, 20 people may have been trapped inside of a quickly burning factory.

Indian Parliament Passes Landmark Equal Rights HIV Bill

India’s parliament has just passed a historic bill that guarantees equal rights for citizens with HIV and AIDS. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome...

Pakistani Province Grows 750 Million Trees

A massive tree planting effort has provided jobs to 500,000 impoverished people, and will plant 1 billion saplings by the end of 2018.

Cops Throw Surprise Birthday Party for 83-Year-old Living Alone

Lalita Subramanyam's kids are rarely able to visit her from America – that's why the local police force showed up on her doorstep with cake and flowers.

Nation Finally Gives Back Freedom of Press and Lifts Newspaper Ban

This hard-hitting news company has finally been allowed to resume publication after a government ban was issued in October.

The Healing Power of Christmas Lights

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” — Desiderius Erasmus “I need the Christmas lights up earlier than usual this year,” I announced...

CEO Gifts 400 Apartments and 1,200 Cars to His Employees

After handsomely giving flats, jewelry, and cars to over 1,000 of his employees, Savji Dholakia is officially the best boss ever.

India to Ratify Climate Deal on Gandhi’s Birthday; He Left the ‘Least Carbon Footprint of All’

India has finally joined the global pact adopted by 195 countries to fight climate change –in honor of the one who left the least carbon footprint of all.

Inspiring Cricket Player Competes Doing Everything Without Arms -Watch

Nothing stands in the way of this young cricket player going international – not even the trials of losing both of his arms to a sawmill.

In Historic Easter First, Pope Includes Women in Foot Washing Ritual

Pope Francis changed decades of Catholic tradition today, declaring women can now be included in an annual Easter week ritual which formerly included only men. The...

Women Can Become Heads of Households in India Says Court Ruling

Indian women have won the right to be considered the head of a household. Previously, the role of “Karta” in any family residing in one home was only...