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New York City Launches Dramatic Transportation Project With 250 Miles of New Bike Lanes

The recently-approved transportation plan for The Big Apple involves 250 new miles of protected bike lanes that are physically separated from traffic.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Friends Rescue Struggling Theater Business From New York City Rent Prices

The “Hamilton” star has become more than just a star on stage – he has also become a hero to a historic drama store of New York City.

Meet the First Girl Scout Troop For Homeless Kids in New York City

The confident female youngsters who make up Girl Scout Troop 6000 may not seem especially out of the ordinary, but there's more to the members...

New York City to Build 90 New Homeless Shelters in Five Years

There have been many success stories across the US when it comes to getting homeless veterans off the street in places like Houston, Boston,...

All New York City Subway Stations Now Have Free Public Wifi

Having free public Wifi available in all 279 stations will work wonders in connecting public safety and NYC emergency service workers.

New York City Using $5M to Fund Women in Film and Theater

Because of the underrepresentation of women in media, New York City is giving women a boost into the business with $500 million in funding.

This Four-Foot Cat is the Biggest – and Most Lovable – in New York City (WATCH)

From taking walks in his stroller to going through dozens of pounds of kitty litter a month, this humongous feline is winning hearts all over the internet.

Old New York City Toilets Used to Reintroduce Oysters

These old potties weren't going to get many more miles on them until they were put to use repopulating the oysters of the New York Harbor.

New York City Businesses Cutting Trash by Half in ‘Zero Waste’ Plan

Led by more than 30 corporations and the mayor’s office, New York City is making progress on its goal to reduce the city's waste...

Crime Rate Continues its Decline in New York City During 2015

While news reports throughout the past year raised anxiety that New York City was slipping back into the crime rates of its bad old...

New York City Steps Up Mental Health Care and Security for Homeless

New York City is making it easier for the city’s homeless to receive mental health care. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to increase the...

New York City Plants One Million Trees, Reaches Goal 2 Years Early

In 2007, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched an initiative to plant a million trees in 10 years. This week, officials reached their goal —...

Disability Pride Parade Tomorrow in New York City is First One Ever

At noon on Sunday, July 12, New York City’s first ever Disability Pride parade will commence at Madison Square Park, traveling down Broadway to Union...

24 New York City Schools Set for Solar Panels

New York City Mayor de Blasio announced today the funding of 24 installations as part of the administration’s new green buildings plan, tripling the...
pizza crusts-Tom Lawrence-Flickr-CC

New York City Will Use Pizza Crusts To Heat Homes

A new pilot project at a Brooklyn wastewater treatment plant will use discarded food scraps to generate biogas, keep New Yorkers warm, and reduce...

Fewest Murders Ever Recorded In New York City in 2013

New York City had fewer murders in 2013 than any year in its recorded history, according to a statement from the mayor's office, which...
payphone redesign NYC

New York City Pay Phones Get 21st Century Makeover

You can still see more than 10,000 coin-operated phones around New York City today. What seems a relic of the past in this age...

2012 New York City Murder Rate at Historic Low, Is Even Lower Than It Looks

The number of New York City homicide deaths this year, already plummeting to historic lows, is actually lower than police statistics show. That's because of...
Mississippi Santa goes to NYC

Town Full of Katrina Survivors Sends Love and Money to New York City Firefighters

Hundreds of South Mississippians stood in line at the Biloxi Town Green where more than 1,500 lunches were served and more than 500 pounds...
Solar-powered landfill with geomembrane

New York City has Solar, Wind Power Plans for Landfill Site

A New York City site once known for the size of its garbage heaps will be home to alternative energy sources that could power...