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With Only 147 of World’s Fattest Parrots Left, This Year’s Baby Boom Has Left Researchers Positively Squawking

The beloved kākāpō is the world's fattest species of bird – and thanks to their latest baby boom, they're returning from the brink of extinction.

Firefighters Amused After Rushing to a Call Only to Find Parrot Impersonating a Smoke Alarm

Firefighters who raced to a suspected house blaze were amused to arrive on the scene only to find a parrot impersonating a smoke alarm. The...

Man Risks Life to Save His Parrot From Deep Mud, Heroes Come to Rescue

When a devoted man risked his life to save his pet bird from “quicksand”, the pair of them were finally saved by a team of local rescuers.

Einstein the Parrot Celebrates Her 30th Birthday By Doing a Lot of Startlingly Good Impressions

When properly bribed with sunflower seeds, Einstein can do it all – from imitating a ghost to grooving through classic rock songs.

Endangered Parrots Won’t Stop Messing With Traffic Cones So the Cheeky Birds Have Been Given Their Own Roadside Gyms

The clever Keas are notorious for messing with traffic cones and wandering around busy roadways looking for food – which is why they now have roadside gyms to keep them busy.

Abused Parrots and Traumatized Veterans Heal Together at Special Sanctuary

These veterans struggling with PTSD aren't the only ones hurting – that's why these birds and humans are taking care of each other. //

Parrot Considered Extinct in the Wild Appears on Video in Brazil

A Spix's Macaw, the bird that inspired the character in the movie Rio, has reappeared in Brazil 15 years after it was thought to...

Lost Parrot Finds Help Getting Home by Flying in a Truck Window

At first, it seemed like he must have been transported to the tropics when Baby the quaker parrot flew into the window of his truck on...

Homeless Jazz Singer And Her Parrot Are Inseparable Songbirds

[youtube]   For a time, homelessness may have kept them from sharing the same nest, but these two songbirds have built a bond that’s totally unbreakable. In exchange...

Orange Bellied Parrot Population Doubles After Long Decline

One of the world's rarest species, the orange bellied parrot, has bucked its long-term trend of decline and almost doubled its wild population, said...
Puerto Rican parrot - USFW photo

The Puerto Rican Parrot Back from Near Extinction

The outlook is increasingly positive for the Puerto Rican parrot, which has hovered near extinction for decades, with slightly more than a dozen left...
Photo by Sun Star

Heroic Parrot Defeats Pet Shop Burglars

A gang of burglars who cased out a pet shop had hatched a simple plan – but they didn’t count on one maverick parrot....

Escaped Parrots Adapt to Temperate Climate Delighting NYC Birders (Video)

Some people call New York City a concrete jungle. And these days you can even take a "safari" to check out the exotic...

Parrot Saves Choking Toddler’s Life

In Denver Colorado, a parrot named Willie saved a toddler from choking on her breakfast, by screeching, "Mama, baby! ... Mama, baby!" when...
Photo by Sun Star

Parrot Saved Girl’s Life With Warning

A babysitter's parrot is being credited with helping save the life of a 2-year-old girl who was choking at a Denver area home while...

Famed Wild Parrots of San Francisco Get City’s Protection (Video)

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to "protect and eventually replant trees on Telegraph Hill that serve as a favorite roost for...

Girl and Her Parrots Flee Together as Refugees

A young Tamil girl fled to India with thousands of others, leaving everything behind. Everything except her two affectionate parrots. Indian officials finagled legal...
Puerto Rican parrot - USFW photo

Puerto Rican Parrot Population Expands by 25%

For the first time in history, ten captive-bred endangered Puerto Rican parrots were released yesterday to join the last 40 parrots existing in the...

African Elephant Poaching Has Fallen By More Than 50% Over the Course of the Last 6 Years

Due to the falling international demand for illegal ivory, there has been a dramatic decrease in African elephant poaching.

For the First Time in History, an Albino Giant Panda Has Been Caught on Camera

It is already difficult for researchers to photograph giant pandas in the wild – which is why they are now so thrilled to have evidence of an albino panda.