Firefighters who raced to a suspected house blaze were amused to arrive on the scene only to find a parrot impersonating a smoke alarm.

The owner of the bird, 63-year-old Steve Dockerty, was left baffled when fire crews banged on his door to investigate the source of an alleged fire at his property—but it soon became apparent that the cause of the emergency call was his cheeky pet African grey parrot named Jazz.

The 17-year-old bird, who is “amazing at doing impressions” had sparked the panic while in the background of a phone conversation performing his perfect imitation of the smoke alarm at Dockerty’s property on Windsor Close, in Daventry, Northants.

Staff at the alarm company had called the homeowner after the smoke alarm was triggered for no apparent reason.

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Operators heard the bird in the background and alerted Northampton Fire and Rescue Service who rushed to the scene.

Dockerty, a retired steel erector, adopted Jazz 12 months ago in order to give his 16-year-old parrot Kiki some company.

He said: “Every time the alarm goes off, I get a call from the wardens and sometimes it goes off for no good reason.


“This time, they asked me if everything was ok, and I said it was, but they could hear Jazz in the background and called the fire service as a precaution.

“The fire crew … were a bit confused to say the least—and then we heard the noise coming from Jazz and that’s how we figured it out it must have been him.

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“The fire crew were very good about it and even came around the next day to check if the birds were okay.


“When we arrived at the property, the householder assured us there was no fire and we checked and cleaned the smoke alarms to try and prevent further activation,” said Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Watch Commander, Norman James.

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“It certainly made the crew smile, and although it was a false alarm, because there was no actual fire, we were thankful that the householder and his two parrots were safe.”


“That was the first time either of the two birds have ever imitated the fire alarm though. I don’t know what the neighbors must think when they walk past – they must hear all sorts.

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“They tend to make noises when I’m out of the room. Jazz will even say ‘what are you doing?’ … Everyday there is something new with them. They’ll be getting me in more mischief sometime in the near future, that’s for sure.”

(WATCH the video below) – Photos by SWNS

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