Quaker the Parrot contributed unknown

At first, it seemed like he must have been transported to the tropics when Baby the quaker parrot flew into the window of his truck on an unseasonably warm night in Ontario, Canada.

Brandon Muir, the operations manager for a waste management company, was sitting in his garbage truck on Christmas Eve, listening to the 2-way radio chatter as his crews wrapped up work for the holiday. He’d lowered the windows to take advantage of the mild weather.

That’s when Baby flew inside the truck and made herself right at home.

quaker parrot in truck-FB-Brandon Muir
Photos by Brandon Muir

As soon as he raised the window, Baby hopped on the steering wheel, looking like she was ready to go home. It turns out, she was lost and could use a lift.

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After calling the police in Caledon for help, it took a while for them to figure out what to do about the parrot.

They finally found Baby’s picture on a Facebook page for missing birds and were able to returned the parrot to the Dedonato family.

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“It’s amazing the way that it all worked out, he (Muir) was at the right place at the right time and someone else might have just shooed her away,” Carol Dedonatos told the Caledon Enterprise. “I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that he did what he did. Without him, she probably wouldn’t be here today.”

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