Town of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, recruits doctor with viral video – SWNS

For six months, the retiring small town doctor searched for his replacement, with no luck. But a new General Practitioner is now on the job thanks to a viral video featuring hundreds of people in the village.

Desperate locals in Cornwall, England created a pop video, writing their own song to the tune of Nina Simone’s hit ‘Aint Got No, I Got Life’.

Over 500 residents of Lostwithiel played a role to help recruit a replacement for their retiring medic.

The video went viral and was viewed more than two million times and now the Lostwithiel Medical Practice has hired someone.

Dr. Bethan Woodfield—originally from Lostwithiel—saw the video and applied.

“It’s a lovely place to work I really enjoy being here,” she told the BBC. “The sense of community is amazing, everyone I feel goes above and beyond for patient care.”

In the video (see below) they sing:

We’ve folks with asthma and young new mothers,
we’ve limping fathers and snot filled others.
We’ve tons of children all so infectious who need a doctor.
We’ve got the love if you’ve got the time.

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Doctor recruitment video filmed by the residents of Lostwithiel – SWNS

The song goes on to highlight everything that Lostwithiel, with a population of 5,000, has to offer any potential GP.

Lostwithiel is just twenty miles from Port Isaac, where filming tales place for Doc Martin, the British series about a London medic who takes up the role of a GP in a sleepy village, reminiscent of the popular TV show Northern Exposure in the U.S.

The Lostwithiel Needs a Doctor crusade was initiated by Dr. Justin Hendriksz, the current remaining practice partner at the clinic, who says there are dozens of towns looking for a doctor, so they needed to stand out, if there was any chance of success.

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The video includes people from all walks of life in the Cornish village, from the church pastor to the butchers, all singing and dancing.

Watch the BBC report from earlier this year, upon launching the video…

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