It was been almost two years since the infamous Fyre Festival descended upon the Bahamas – and though there are still people recovering from the financial and legal blight of the disastrous event, a Netflix documentary has helped to ease the pain of those it hurt the most.

The Fyre Festival was originally intended to be an ultra-exclusive music festival for high rollers and millennial moguls on a Bahamian island. Due to poor planning and reckless organization by the now notorious 27-year-old Billy McFarland, the event was a complete and utter failure.

Upon overbooking the festival and promising the guests fancy villas and 5-star catering, the jilted attendees ended up being trapped on the island with soaked mattresses, meager food rations, and a shortage of flimsy tents.

McFarland is currently serving a 6-year sentence for fraud partially due to how he reportedly scammed investors out of an estimated $27 million. Furthermore, he neglected to pay hundreds of Bahamians after they worked around-the-clock in order to help organize the festival.

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Earlier this month, Netflix released a documentary about the Fyre Festival in which they featured an interview with Maryann Rolle, the Bahamian owner of the Exuma Point Resort.

Though she was not booked as the original caterer for the festival, Rolle ended up being a reluctant hero to the attendees and organizers after she and her husband toiled day and night to serve over 1,000 meals throughout the event.

In the film, Rolle tearfully recounts how she was never paid the $50,000 she was owed for her contribution to the festival. Additionally, she gave away all $50,000 of her lifetime savings in order to help pay off her fellow Bahamian workers.

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“I was left in a big hole!” says Rolle. “My life was changed forever, and my credit was ruined by Fyre Fest.”

Now, if you haven’t watched the documentary, Rolle’s interview is easily the most heart-wrenching part of the entire film – but thankfully, it succeeded in drawing attention to her plight.

Over the course of the last two weeks since the documentary’s release, a GoFundMe page for the Rolles has raised over $200,000 in donations.

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Though the campaign has raised almost double the amount that the Fyre organizers owe Rolle, she plans on sharing all of the excess funds with her fellow Bahamians who suffered from the event, especially those who are still owed money.

“I am going to help the people who worked with the festival as much as I can here, and then other islands too, I will give it to them,” Rolle told CBS News. “It makes me happy knowing the world has cared about me and I will pass it all along and let everybody enjoy it. That might be the best thing for me at this time.”

(WATCH the video below) – Photo by Maryann Rolle

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