Every parent is excited to see their children graduate – but Rob Edwards was doing everything he could to savor the joy of his son’s academic achievement. His happiness was so contagious, in fact, it compelled a stranger to give his son a gift.

Edwards, who is from Tampa, Florida, says that he was about to walk into his local bank when he ran into the appreciative stranger.

“Today I was walking into the bank [when] I held the door open for this lady behind me,” Edwards wrote on Facebook. “Once in the door, she waited for me to go in front of her. I said ‘By all means go in front of me. Today my son graduates. I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute.’

“We carried on additional small talk about being lucky to have made it before the bank closed – and the joys, fun and hard times of having an 18-year-old. I then stepped up to the teller and proceeded with my transaction.”

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As he was talking with the banker, however, the woman slipped an envelope onto the counter from under his arm and said, “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.”

Confused by the gesture, Edwards thanked the woman and finished up his transaction. He then looked inside the envelope and found that it contained a crisp $50 bill.

“Floored” by the gesture, the dad ran outside and saw the woman getting into her vehicle.

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“I walked up to her car and told her ‘I can’t take this!’ She said ‘When you talk about your boy, YOU GLOW. You’re a blessing to him, so I want to bless him too!’” Edwards recounts.

“I was so touched,” he added. “I don’t know her name, I’ve never seen her before. But I will never forget her love.

Before they parted ways, Edwards gave the woman a hug and asked to take a photo with her. He later posted the photo to social media so he could praise the woman for her compassion.

“We need more of this in the world today,” says Edwards. “Not the money, but kindness. I hugged a complete stranger today. My son who I love with all my heart was shown love … It warms the father’s heart to love the son. I am blessed.”

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