Every year between June and October, millions of wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya in search of food. The annual migration also includes half a million gazelle and 200,000 zebra.

In the past it has been difficult to plan a trip to ensure a front row seat for the dramatic display. But now, a mapping app called HerdTracker is making that easier, and bringing LIVE video streaming to people at home around the world via the web.

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This is the second year that experts in the field have added commentary and video streaming to live Twitter feeds from locations along the great migration.

Carel Verhoef, who developed the app, is a safari guide who has lived in Tanzania for ten years. He led hundreds of tours to see the wildebeest migration and has developed a deep understanding of (and appreciation for) the animals.

Wildebeests, also called gnus, are a genus of antelopes native to Africa, belonging to the family which also includes cattle, goats, sheep and other even-toed horned animals.

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The migration has just completed for 2015 but take a look at one of the best videos of the year that was sent in by Kevin Twiddy who captured the crossing of the Mara River at the Main Crossing Point on October 5. On the annual trek, the animal risk death by drowning, especially after heavy rainfall, or from crocodiles that await their next meal.

Photo by Brian Scott, CC

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