Adventurers and travel junkies have another quirky destination to visit during their next world tour.

The Deep Pit Hotel, which is being called the world’s first “underground” hotel, opens next month as a swanky new Intercontinental resort that has been built inside an abandoned quarry southwest of Shanghai, China.

The hotel has 18 floors, two of which are submerged in an aquarium. Every room on the other 16 floors is equipped with its own balcony that looks out over the strange landscape.

The facility was also built with sustainability in mind. The hotel’s structure was mainly kept within the walls of the quarry to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the hotel will be drawing on geothermal and solar energy for power.

As a means of serving adrenaline junkie visitors, the hotel will also offer bungee jumping and rock climbing from the top of the quarry.

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Over the course of the last decade, the “Intercontinental Shimao Wonderland” has required over 5,000 workers from the British design firm Atkins to finish the building.

Now, the hotel is expected to open to the public this October.

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