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This “Dynamic Duo” from Down Under had a secret crimefighting weapon to help them stop a robbery: alcohol — lots of alcohol.

And the two Australians showed off an added superpower – the ability to make people laugh uncontrollably.

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen were hanging out at a gas station parking lot after a long night of partying. While James tried to fix his broken flip-flop — a “busted plugger” as he put it, they noticed two men hop out of a car, cover their faces, and head into a store.


Realizing they were witnessing a robbery, the drunken buddies ran — and stumbled — to the getaway car where James found the keys in the ignition, grabbed them and tossed them down a grate.

Unable to drive, the suspects ran off, with the two Aussie heroes in hot pursuit — Kane in flip-flops and James barefoot.

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They never never caught up with the bandits, but Kane recorded the whole episode with his cell phone camera and the shaky, profanity-laced video was viewed more than a million times over the weekend.

The two heroes teamed up again for a Nine Network’s Today show interview that left the hosts rolling in laughter. One asked James if working out gave him the confidence to confront the suspected criminals.

“The only gym I go to is Jim Beam,” James answered with a nod to the Kentucky whiskey.

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And ever since their drunken heroics, James has been inundated with offers of new flip-flops to replace his busted pluggers.

(WATCH the fun Today Show interview below)


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