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Two radio hosts planned a “Surprise Giveback” that bestowed an amazing gift on a grieving Australian mother who just lost her 19 year-old son in a freak farming accident.

In December, Blaine Rozs’ death turned Michelle’s world upside down. The mom of three was able to take some time from work to grieve, but bills piling up were now forcing her to go back even though she was still struggling.

Her daughter took the initiative to apply for the Giveback program at radio station KIIS 106.5. Thanks to the generosity of Clarendon Homes, the two hosts Kyle and Jackie O were able to surprise Michelle while on the air, through her car radio. (Watch the video below)

“For six months we would like to pay your mortgage so that you don’t have to rush back to work, and you can take your time to grieve properly.”magician-Rob_Anderson-rips-homeless-mans-sign

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“Thank you so much,” Michelle whispered through tears.

Later, the radio station received a lot of callers asking how to donate to the family so KIIS set up a fundraising page that has raised an additional $8,000 through the kindness people who wanted to help.

Perhaps it wasn’t Blaine’s freak accident on a tractor that moved people to sympathy. His kind-hearted nature was described by Jackie O on the radio:classroom-makeover-video-abc.jpg

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“He was a family man, and was not afraid of showing his affection… He appreciated everything he got in life. He loved his mum Michele very much even doing the housework like folding clothes and helping with some renovations to the front yard – things that we all know not every 19-year-old would do. This is what made him so special.”

In addition to paying the mortgage for six months, Clarendon Homes is donating $5000 in outdoor renovations to finish the front yard that Blaine started before he passed away.

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