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An Australian politician’s argument became “toast” the moment she said a tax break would help people buy $6,000 toasters.

A blue-collar, working father of three confronted the politician on a television show wanting to know why people making over $80,000 a year should get breaks when he wouldn’t. Duncan Storrar said the wealthy wouldn’t even notice a reduction in taxes, but for families like his, it could mean whether he treats his daughters to a movie on the weekend.

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That’s when Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer let the world know on which side her bread was buttered. She said the break would create jobs for people making the pricey bread-browners.

The passing remark got the politician into a jam— but, more importantly, has put a lot of bread in Storrar’s pocket.

In legendary Aussie fashion, someone launched a GoFundMe page to “Buy Duncan a Toaster” hoping to raise enough for one of the pricey appliances that O’Dwyer mentioned.

So far, it’s raised more than $60,000 — enough by some estimates for Storrar to cook ten million pieces of toast per day.

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The Vocal even cooked up a formula so people can keep track of how many slices of toast Storrar could make based on how many toasters he can buy as the crowdfunding money keeps growing.

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