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Kiersten Miles had only been babysitting 9-month-old Talia Rosko for a few weeks before she decided to make a big sacrifice that would end up saving the baby’s life.

Talia was born with biliary atresia – a rare liver disease that can be deadly if not treated within the first couple years of life. Although she was on the transplant list to receive a new liver, her parents were told that she wouldn’t live beyond two years if a suitable donor could not be found.

When Kiersten was first hired by the Roskos in June 2016, she became curious about the process of donating an organ. She made an appointment to get tested, to see if she was a match for Talia – as fate would have it, she was.

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The selfless 22-year-old college student was never hindered by the thought that surgery would be much of a sacrifice.

After a 14-hour procedure at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Talia and Kiersten spent a week in recovery before being released with a healthy diagnosis.

“She has turned a hopeless situation into a hopeful situation,” Talia’s parent told TODAY. “Without Kiersten we would be sitting waiting for a deceased donor to come and save Talia. We would be watching our baby deteriorate. Without Kiersten I’m not sure where we would be…to be honest, I don’t really want to think about it.”

“After going through the entire process from start to finish, I would 100 percent do it again. I think it’s very important (that) people know exactly what they are volunteering to do and what the recovery is like, but it’s such a small price to pay in comparison to saving a life,” said Kiersten.

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