Aroma Alarm Clock released SensorWake

Wake up and smell the coffee… or baked bread or bacon.

Instead of hearing an annoying buzzing or beeping from a traditional alarm clock, the SensorWake clock spares your ears while treating you to delightful scents that break your slumber.

You choose one of six scents to wake up to, drop the proper packet into the clock, and fall asleep.

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French inventor Guillaume Rolland says the company’s internal tests showed the SensorWake successfully awoke 99% of people within two minutes.

You get to wake up to the smell of hot coffee, fresh croissants, sweet chocolate, the beach, bacon, peppermint, or a jungle. If you don’t turn off the alarm within 3 minutes of smelling the scent, an alarm sounds.

SensorWake raised nearly $210,000 on Kickstarter last spring to bring their idea to market.

The company is taking $89 pre-orders now, with delivery expected in June. Scent cartridges last through 30 “awakenings” and cost $10 for a pack of two.

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If your nose is clogged by a cold, you run out of money for new scents, or just want to go back to the loud old days, SensorWake has a backup buzzer you can set.

(WATCH the video below from CNET and READ more at Science Alert) – Photos: SensorWake

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