A Philadelphia radio station announced the expansion of a partnership between Jon Bon Jovi and the city’s Habitat for Humanity charity by highlighting the star’s beliefs:

Jon Bon Jovi has gone on record in the past as saying that along with rock-star status and clout comes the responsibility to improve life in the community. “Why’s it always gotta be me, me, me and my tax dollars and ‘Give me mine’, as opposed to we, we, we and taking care of those less fortunate?”

Jon Bon Jovi performs during the shooting of a music video at a Habitat for Humanity build site in north Philadelphia in October 2005.On March 31, Bon Jovi delivered $200,000 to fund an additional two homes through his partnership that began in June 2005, broke ground last October, and will build six homes in Philadelphia through Summer ’06.

Last October, Bon Jovi, Habitat for Humanity, local volunteers and families, and corporate sponsors, like Comcast and Sprint, gathered on a build site in Philly (left photo) to formally announce a partnership to build two duplexes (four homes). The site also served as the location for Bon Jovi’s music video for Who Says You Can’t Go Home, which highlights the efforts of Habitat families and local volunteers whose work continues. The video is now in top rotation on VH1, CMT, and GAC and emphasizes the band’s support for Habitat for Humanity and their core mission of eliminating poverty housing.

House #1 is expected be complete in Mid-May and House #2 will be ready in August.

“People around the world have seen and been inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s commitment to Habitat for Humanity through the video, ‘Who says you can’t go home,’” said Chris Clarke, senior vice president of Communications for Habitat.

Tim Block, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia said, “This partnership with the Bon Jovi organization… has been a godsend for us. The need for affordable housing in the city of Philadelphia grows bigger each day. Each house we build helps, but the spotlight that groups like these bring to the overall challenge facing working families is priceless.”


Said Jon, “These good works with Habitat for Humanity have already made a difference to families in the city of Philadelphia.”

An area-resident known for his community involvement, Jon Bon Jovi approached Habitat in June 2005 with a proposal for a local build on a large scale. To fund the build, Bon Jovi pledged the majority of the band’s video budget from Island Records, contributed his own money from the Bon Jovi Family Foundation and secured additional sponsorship through pre-existing relationships in the private sector. By setting aside a small sum to document the process, the band planned a music video with a “think global, act local” theme.

Habitat for Humanity in Philly

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