This 69-year-old Vietnam veteran can finally retire now that his mortgage is paid off—and it is all thanks to his compassionate boss.

Albert Brigas has been working as a mechanic at Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio, Texas for the last 13 years. He has also been living in the same house for the last 24 years—and he had been putting off retirement until he could finish paying off the mortgage in 2020.

Brigas’s boss, Rudy Quinones, has known about the vet’s eager retirement plans. In fact, Quinones told KENS: “Albert has been grumbling about that for the past year. His ultimate goal was to retire and have his house paid off.”

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So as a means of expressing his gratitude for all the years of Brigas’s hard work, Quinones called Brigas into his office last month and wrote his dedicated employee a check for $5,000 to pay off the rest of the mortgage.

Since paying off the house and retiring, Brigas is happy to report that he now has more than enough time to spend with his wife and grandkids—and Quinones is simply happy that he could repay his former employee for all of his dedication.

“To give them something they’ve been yearning for their whole lives—it’s incredible,” Quinones told the news outlet.

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