Okla boy wants to push brother in raceAn Edmond, Oklahoma boy wrote to a television station about his brother who has cerebral palsy.

The words, the penmanship are clearly those of a young child, but the compassion and caring speaks of a much older soul.

“I don’t want any money but I need help,” his letter said. “My pastor said we have to be Gods hands and feet but I’m going to be his legs to.”

He described his brother, who is also deaf and lost his stomach last year, sitting at the window crying when he sees kids playing outside.

In the letter, Tobias asked if someone could lend him a “one of those fancy pusher joggers” so he could run an upcoming 5K race while pushing his brother. He volunteered to run other races while pushing other kids who have mobility issues.

Oh, and, by the way, he said he aspires to be a pastor someday.

On September 27, Tobias Bass, 10, got his selfless wish, to be the legs for his brother Titus, who has cerebral palsy. He pushed his brother in a race. View the update at KWTV-9.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at KWTV-9)

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