Nancy Hicks was leaving a clothing store in September when a brightly painted pink rock caught her eye.

Not just a kid’s art project, a grown woman had left the rock next to her car. And the message on the rock read “Hope” — with a ribbon for breast cancer.

“It touched me in a way that I can’t even explain,” Nancy told WKBW TV in Buffalo, New York.

Nancy is a breast cancer survivor and the stranger who left it, Theresa Wrobel, whose father died of liver cancer, had no idea the driver was a breast cancer survivor.

As if it were fate, Theresa’s breast cancer rock, which she made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, fell into the hands of a breast cancer survivor.

Even talking about it now, Nancy begins to cry. “That rock means a lot to me…”

Click to Watch how the fateful rock brought the two women together…

(Images via WKBW News / Little Things

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